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Tiffani Higgins
Tiffani Higgins

Hi, I’m Tiffani! I’m a successful CPA and a mother of 5 amazing children! I understand the struggle to balance an adequate income from home and spending time with your kids! Before I started my business, I worked for a CPA firm. I had just passed the CPA exam and my boss raised my annual salary to $45,000. I was working 32 hours outside of tax season, but 60 hours during tax season! Now I work 10 hours a week for nearly the same pay…no long days…no stress…and most importantly I get to spend valuable time with my sweet family. I would love to help you do the same!

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Deleting transactions from a bank register
How to match undo bank reconciliations for clients
Combing deposits using undeposited funds
How to access Intuit merchant center
Clearing out unreconciled transactions
Creating products or services for invoices or sales receipts
How to handle clients co-mingling funds
Intro to Paypal transactions
Recording the purchase of business assets
Bank balance in QBO vs actual bank balance
Clients with inventory, how to keep it simple
How to use transfer clearing account
Mid-month statements: how to start
Quick glance at retained earnings
Clients with multiple businesses that transfer money back and forth
How to record mileage expense
Inactivating accounts in the chart of accounts
Partner equity account set up
Undeposited funds dangers – duplicating income
Adding schedule L info from tax return to balance sheet
Break out square deposits
Journal entry to reclass owner’s distribution to officer’s salary
Reviewing balance sheets
How to unapply a credit memo from an invoice in QBO
Retained earnings research
Transfers between banking screen accounts
Unapplied cash payments
What happens when you are presented with a messy client
What to do when your client gives you a box of receipts and excel spreadsheets
When a client accepts cash from their customers but never deposits it
When business expenses are paid for with personal funds

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