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"You guys!! If you haven't purchased it yet, do it! The value Tiffani has in this course is absolutely amazing. She walks you through step by step and she really makes the every day and every month tasks of bookkeeping easy to understand. Thank you Tiffani!"

- Donielle Showvay, Owner/Designer/Coach at Knitting Knicely

"On August 30, 2019, I made the decision to start working for myself and purchases my LLC. One year ago, I launched my bookkeeping practice to the world. In one year's time, I've made more than I made at my last job working for Amazon. Having freedom to stay home full-time with my son, work at my own pace and not feel guility for calling out or taking time for myself and my family has been life changing!! If you are on the fence about starting a business, DO IT NOW! I promise you won't regret doing what you are passionate about!"

- Vanessa Butler, Founder and Owner at Butler Bookkeeping Services

"I just need to make a huge shout out to Tiffani Higgins for creating this amazingness and to everyone on this page for your kind support. Six months ago, my sweet 2 year old was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Therapy and doctors are incredibly expensive and I knew I had to do something to help take the burden off my husband to provide for me and our four children. After months of searching through Stay-at-home jobs that paid pennies, I said a tearful prayer and the next day I found this group. I Know it was no coincidence. Today I announced my business on FB and now I already have my first client signed up! I am excited to keep marketing and find more clients. This has always been a dream of mine since I became a SAHM ten years ago. Thank you Tiffani for giving me the know-how and the courage to do it! Now please excuse me while I go cry happy tears!"

- Chelsea Green Stewart, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 19th of September 2019

"I love this course, you hook us up with everything we need to be successful."

- Terri Wilmot Rock, Founding Member at YEP Tribe

"Let me tell you a little story about the universe. Three weeks ago I hired a sitter 2 days a week because I had trouble keeping up with my current load. I was able to get a yes from a $1000-$1400/m client. Also, I have sent out several proposals that I wouldn't have had time for. Two days a ago I bought a pdf to CSV file converter. Yesterday I brought on a clean up client with all manual entry statements. (Like 3 ring binders full} She is paying me $5,700 for only 3 months of clean up. It will probably take me 2 days. Almost 8 months ago I chose to buy a bookkeeping course from an add I saw on the internet. My child is sick today and I didn't even hesitate to stay home with him because I won't miss the money I would make for the day. EVERY time I have invested in myself or my business the universe has REWARDED me exponentially. Don't be scared to jump right in. I promise if you listen to the signs and take action, you will be successful."

- Casey James, Founder and Owner at CenterState Bookkeeping

"I still can't get over how much value your course and support has. It goes above and beyond!!! Best investment ever!!!"

- Stacie Anderson, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 8th of October 2019

"I just wanted to say that I love you! I finally got my butt in gear, and I've done $5k in billing this month, and I'm feeling good about the work I have to get done! Thank you SO much!!! "

- Jade

"I purchased Tiffani's course in September 2019. I took my time going through the course because I work full time, my husband works nights, he's also Coast Guard reserves so he's gone one weekend a month, and we have 2 small children. Busy is an understatement for us haha! I decided I would get everything ready and launch January 1st. I immediately started networking and letting friends and family know what my plans were and to share with anyone they knew.

January 1st, I had my first client and since then have partnered with an Accountant and signed on 3 more clients. This is not a get rich quick business, you have to work hard and actually work. I am still working full time because my clients are pretty simple, and I am able to work in the evenings after my kids go to bed and sometimes I work a few hours on the weekends. Since I am still working, I am using the income from my bookkeeping business to pay off debt. So far, we have paid off 2 small loans and I just purchased a new laptop for my business.

Do it!! Don't worry about the knowledge of bookkeeping, you will learn it along the way. Just be confident and believe in yourself and your clients will too. Faith it til' you make it! I have referred back to this course so many times while working on clean ups and other things with my clients! If you’re not in the paid support group, I highly recommend that as well!"

- Nichole Fielder, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 8th of August 2019

"Have I told you lately how absolutely awesome you are?? You are constantly adding to this course for us and I appreciate it so much. The best thing I have done in a while is to sign up for your course! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you"

- Cindy Dement

"l'M so EXCITED! I finished my QBO pro-adviser last night. I set up my domain name, G-suit email, LLC and tax ID. The best thing in the world was after I printed my LLC out and started crying, my 5 year old gave me the BIGGEST hug and said "I'm so proud of you mommy." This is why I'm doing this (and this is my dream to be my own boss)."

- Brittney Zaczkowski, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 21st of September 2019

"Well, last week I had no clients. This week I invoiced for $1175 with two more prospects. And today I had a call with a business manager I've networked with before. So exciting!"

- Jill Cooper, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 8th of November 2019

"Funny daughter and son-in-law paid sign up for your system. Then let me play in their new companies books...You guys are definitely icing.....sweet, luscious, lickable, frothy frosting 🤣🤣🤣...... on ANY cake! Seriously can't wait to enroll in more to learn more! Thank you for all that all of you do! And, for sharing it with all of us!"

- Debbie Houck, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 9th of October 2019

"Thank you!!! All because of you and this wonderful class;)"

- Megan Davis, Founder and Owner at Harvest Books, LLC

"Hi Ladies! Another Aussie here. I read the book and bought the course a couple of weeks ago. I've been working my way through it and love it! We do have a few differences here in Australia but everything is totally still workable. I don't have any previous bookkeeping experience (just office admin type work) but this feels totally achievable. I'd definitely recommend it!"

- Renee Crowther

"I started Tiffani's course probably as one of her first students or so last fall 2019. I followed her steps and did my LLC, officially opening for business in September 2019. Then ... l got lazy. I was networking on Linkedln, FB, I did a lot of the email templates that she provided ... and nothing. But, I honestly wasn't putting 100% in it. Not fully. Then, in January, a real estate investor reached out to me via LinkedIn when I first started this, I didn't know where it was going to go. I didn't even know if it would work or be successful. I should have trusted Tiffani and the process a little more. I am SO SO SO grateful she got this idea one day and said, "why can't I teach other mom's/women how to have their own successful bookkeeping business? We did our discovery call (thanks Ryann), and it went well but he didn't commit. So each week, I would just follow-up and kind of check in. As of last week, I have a retainer agreement to do his bookkeeping. It is truly going to change my family's lives. The debt we can pay off, the money we could actually put in savings and keep there ... all while I get to stay at home with my kids and be PRESENT. Even when my son starts kindergarten this fall, (if we go back to school! lol >< ) I will have the freedom to be a school volunteer. You might not think you can do this ya'll ... but YOU CAN! Stop doubting yourself and get the course if you haven't, and make your dreams come true. Thank YOU! Thank you, Tiffani Higgins!"

- Elizabeth L. Brown, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 18th of September 2019

"I know how much value what you are teaching us has! I've been doing it all on my own my whole life .... l feel like I've landed on some sort of knowledge gold mine that is actually going to let me work as hard as always do but let it be worth it • I've killed myself for too long for not enough .... so thank you again and again!"

- Diana Torres, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 18th of September 2019

"Hey everyone. I just wanted to say that I have completed the training, And wanted to say that this course is awesome and I really feel inspired."

- Michael Post

"Investing into Tiffani Higgin's Bookkeeping Academy Course was THE BEST DECISION EVER!!! I NOW HAVE THREE AMAZING MONTHLY CLIENTS!! One at $299/M, one at $329/M, and one at $477 /M. Before taking on anymore clients I want to get these 3 books' stabilized and cleaned up first, which is the hardest part, but after I get everyone on track it will be a piece of cake􀀥 moving forward!!!"

- Jessica Fazli, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 7th of November 2019

"I agree that the course is very worthwhile, even for Canada; especially the marketing info. There are a few differences for Canada, like instead of LLC we have corporations. Taxes are different as well as ADP & Gusto.. Info is still helpful in knowing how to setup and market your own bookkeeping business."

- Chava Klingbeil, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 6th of September 2019

"Tiffani! You have done an amazing job on your course! It's very detailed and easy to understand! I can tell your very passionate on wanting people to succeed! I'm halfway through it and I can't believe how easy you make everything!!! Thank you!!! This course is going to help so many people that want to earn income from home and still have time with your family!"

- Susie Wilcox Hardin

"I bought Tiffani's Program and set up my Biz last September. If it wasn't for Tiffani, I wouldn't be where I am today. A year ago August I was on medical leave from my corporate job that was mentally destroying me and I found Tiffani's AD on Facebook and bought her book. I was EXTREMELY SKEPTIC but took the leap anyway. The rest is history! I'm a BAD example of a timeline, because I put my biz on hold several times for several personal reasons. I decided to take the leap and quit my corporate job back in March, SUPER RISKY JUMP BUT IT PAID OFF! (PRE COVID, then COVID just happened. It was a blessing in disguise) so I could focus on my business full time. I started ACTIVELY marketing my biz 2 weeks ago. GUYS, I just got my 2nd client and I have six potentials. All I did was join two online networking zoom groups and sent out 20 emails (so far). I haven't done A TON! This career is POSSIBLE! This dream can COME TRUE! I'm moving like a snail, BUT IM MOVING! I would still be at my energy draining 7-6 job if I didn't MOVE at all. STOP comparing yourself to other people's journeys. Your journey is yours and only yours. Nobody has the same life. I'm a single mom with absolutely no support financially or with my kids. If I can do this, so can you. It might take you a little longer, but it WILL happen. If you haven't taken the jump ..... DO IT! "

- Viktoria Asta-Vidalin Meide, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 4th of September 2019

"Just feel so much love for this journey and Tiffani's inspiration for doing something like this! Helping people make their lives soooo much better!"

- Kindy Erickson, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 8th of August 2019

"Today I realized I haven't had to pay an overdraft fee in 6months! ,.....,. I used to expect at least a couple charges each month because I was living paycheck to paycheck and would get paid late by my employer constantly. Now, I pay myself whenever I need it and I no longer have to stress over which bills get paid on time and which ones get paid late. The financial stress l lived with every day was absolutely crushing, I'm so thankful Tiffani gave me the tools to change my life for the better! When making goals for your business I highly suggest making lifestyle goals as well, checking off those goals for myself (like always paying bills on time) have been way more satisfying than the revenue goals."

- Michaela Schoonover, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 12th of August 2019

" I could have learned bookkeeping but I could never have learned all the tips, marketing scripts, and so much more. I also never would have made all the industry contacts I've already made. Thank you, Tiffani Higgins!"

- Dianne Gilpin Giambusso, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 5th of March 2020

"Hey yall! I am brand new to the bookkeeping/accounting world. I bought the course last month and I'm slowly working through it. It's going slow for me because I homeschool (kids ages 11, 10, 8, and 2) and have a part time job already. But I am motivated! I am confident I can do this! And Tiffani Higgins thank you for all of this! I can see my dream of being financially stable coming to life very soon! Girl! Seriously! I could hug you!!!"

- Dodie Nicole Mire, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 18th of September 2019

"It's a great course and you learn step by step how to get your business up and going. Highly recommended."

- Beverly Salazar, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 18th of September 2019

"If you want it bad enough- you find your vehicle to get there! You don't give up! Having this step by step program and community behind you is just I needed! I've been searching for this opportunity for years and feel so blessed to be here with all of you wonderful people!! Xo. I'd do it again in a minute!!"

- Katie Medley, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 12th of August 2019

"I quoted a potential $4500 per month back in February. He respectively declined, then called me out of the blue today and wants to move forward and start working together." #knowyourvalue

- Anne Lindeman, Founder and Owner at Independence Bookkeeping

"What Tiffani Higgins offers and how she does it, there's no comparing. She's with you every step of the way, literally lol She wants you to be successful just as much as you do."

- Ashley Cauthen, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 28th of August 2019

"Thank you so much for your course and guidance and now the outsourcing!! I couldn't have gotten to this point without any of it and never dreamed when I bought the $6 eBook that I would rock our financial lives, during a pandemic, less than 6 months after opening my business!"

- Katelynn

"I was scrolling around on my phone when an email popped up. My very first invoice to a client had been paid and it made me so damn excited. If you are needing a push, or are looking for hope, imagine this coming across your phone screen!"

- Cassie Schwartz

"I ordered the course on Thursday and I'm almost half way through. I am also working on the QuickBooks training. I already have my approval from the secretary of state and my EIN was emailed to me today. On Saturday I posted my website is coming soon and I already have a potential client."

- Martha Lindhorst, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 5th of August 2019

"I just finished a call with a local CPA firm and made a new partnership. I'm so relieved now!"

- Lissa Meza, Founder and Owner at LM2 Business Solutions

"I gave my resignation letter at my day job! He was very understanding AND wants me to continue to do the bookkeeping as my client! I am so relieved! Finally going to have time to build this crazy dream! Time to sink or swim. Thank you so much for this course and the encouragement to chase my dream!"

- Jean Phillips, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 9th of October 2019

"I bought in early but even if this course was $1,000 it would be worth it. In the long run, that's a small investment for the success I know I'll have. Tiffani is a great teacher. She breaks everything down and makes you feel confident in yourself. She teaches you everything you'll need to know to start your own business. I set all of that up in a day!"

- Ashley Price, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 8th of August 2019

"Just got my 4th client :.: another very small business but she is a friend. She has a HR business she runs from home and said she can't be bothered to learn QBO so wants me to take her books! It's happening slowly but surely."

- Diana Mclaughlin, Founder and Owner at Artemis Bookkeeping Solutions

"I am just starting bookkeeping, but I have been running various businesses from home for the past 14 years and homeschool as well. It can definitely be done! Personally, I think bookkeeping is perfect for homeschooling moms as it is so flexible."

- Sherry Fisher, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 2nd of September 2019

"Hello .. Everyone! Well, I have gone thru Tiffani's book and it had so much great information. I really like how she tells you to believe in yourself. I have been chanting out loud" I will be successful". What we put out in the universe comes back to us! Oh, yes I filed for my LLC today and hopefully can get my business account started this week. I did talk to my bank manager while I was there and asked he might have any existing or new members that may need bookkeeping services. I was excited to hear him say it would be nice to have someone to recommend to his members. Thank you Tiffani for the advice in the book. My motto is: If you just try, you are half way there. I will keep you updated on how things are going. Just remember ....learn from your mistakes and push forward!"

- Brenda Higgins, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 15th of August 2019

"I've been an accountant for almost 10 years and had my business running before finding Tiffani! I wish I would've found her from the start but since going through the course and working with her, I've doubled my revenue in 2 months! Her course will walk you through setting up your business and any questions you may have along the way! VERY much worth every penny!!"

- Nanci Watkins

"It took me about two weeks to get through the course, but I did it in hour increments or so just once or twice a day because I have an 8 week old baby at home. It's really easy and straightforward to understand. And I like that you can go back through anything you need, and it comes with the downloadable workbook. I got everything set up last week, started marketing on Monday and I have my first potential client call this morning and another one scheduled for next Wednesday! I also don't really have any experience bookkeeping, but she shows you exactly how to do all the work and it's not any harder than doing your own monthly budget for your personal finances. It's just putting stuff in the right places!"

- Mikala Deck, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 12th of August 2019

"My favorite part of this job is when a client thanks you and loves what you did to their mess of books! And I was just having fun:) Now to find 9 more clients." #dreamjob

- Rachel Rovenolt, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 24th of October 2019

"A little less than a year ago, I was working over 40 hours a week. I took my kids to an older lady who was supposed to be ''patient and affordable.'' Three months into the arrangement, my son would have full blown temper tantrums when I tried to drop him off. Long story short, she was a terrible sitter and my son trusts no one now. I felt terrible afterwards. I struggled with a lot of ''mom guilt'' because instead of trying to go out and have a career I should have been at home taking care of my kids. Today, I am currently reaping the full benefits of working from home!! I have a grumpy baby in one arm and my work in another! I am contributing financially to my family and I am still able to raise my children! It's still kind of surreal! Someone pinch me!"

- Anonymous

"So super excited! After many years of manual bookkeeping, I decided to purchase Tiffani's course, learn QuickBooks, and start doing virtual bookkeeping. Just got my first QuickBooks client."

- Shonya Creel, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 6th of December 2019

"It was the best decision I have ever made! It's not the magic bullet however! Lot's of hard work involved! It's one of those things you just shouldn't think about, you just need to do it! Well that is if you believe in yourself!! "

- Kim Smith, Founder and Owner at A Plus Bookkeeping and Payroll

"I am so excited to grow my business and keep learning more! I have spent a lot of money over the years on various courses(not bookkeeping) that did not really pan out. But yours is, by far, the most supportive and helpful! Just the fact that you actually get on the phone with people says so much about you and what you are offering. It was the reason why I felt comfortable investing my money with you!"

- Shelly-ann Coe, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 28th of July 2020

"The past month has been such a whirlwind. My life has absolutely been changed for the better! Even though I have an accounting degree, I had no 0% confidence in my own skills. I don't have a CPA license so I thought I was trapped- and I had no idea where to begin with opening my own virtual bookkeeping business from the comfort of my loft apartment. I was literally brainwashed into thinking that constantly sacrificing family holidays, birthdays, outings, vacations. date nights etc. was what was required to be comfortable financially. That celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve (because, I had to work) was my only option. But. I saw a chance, I had hope- I believed in Tiffani and I bought the course. I dove head first into the course and my QBOA training. I broke my foot. Two bones were cleanly broken and one hairline fracture. I kept chugging along with training and the course, working etc. I got really sick, I'm currently out of my normal full time job for 4 days with walking pneumonia. But y'all, I've already got my first client. I finally believe in myself- I've got this! Everything is falling into place! I'm taking a couple of days to rest and get better, then I'll be back to working full time, running my household, and finalizing everything. I'm so grateful that I stumbled upon Tiffani's message and this group. Thank you for joining me on this radical, positive, life change •• "

- Pearl Foster

"The Have Your Cake training goes way beyond how to use QB. It's a complete coaching course designed to have you completely set up to do business ... A to Z ... by the time you finish. I just finished yesterday and already have my legal stuff, website etc. ... and my first consultation with a potential client scheduled for Friday."

- Deborah Adams Bell, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 12th of August 2019

"Thanks so much for everything y'all have done and put together for those of us just starting out!"

- Sherie Giuliante

"Just landed my first client yesterday. And my second client just now! Did make them fantastic deals for being my first 2 clients, and I'll review my rates at the end of each quarter. I also asked for a testimonial in exchange for my introductory rates and both agreed! The snowball is starting to gain momentum!"

- Laura Solt, Member of Have Your Cake And Eat It Too since 2nd of September 2019

"So excited I am officially a QBO Certified ProAdvisor!! Just passed the test I am probably doing things all out of order, but I've got to get my LLC registered & start working through Tiffani's courses! I have been so excited watching everyone's progress on here & just wanted to toot my own little horn to some ladies that would understand the excitement! •• So nervous that I will fail to get things going but just trying to take it one step at a time & not overwhelm myself. My goal is to quit my current job at the beginning of the year. Hoping that's super reasonable. #2020vision!"

- Lindsay Stephens, Founder and Owner at LStep Bookkeeping, LLC

Is this course for you?

Are you a stay-at-home/work-from-home parent?
This course was designed specifically for you! We are here to help you spend less time working and more time with your children!

Are you interested in achieving financial freedom without sacrificing family time?
Working from home is great! Sacrificing an adequate income is not! Stop spending countless hours trying to make ends meet!

Would you like the freedom to work whenever and wherever you choose?
QuickBooks online! Work from your phone, tablet, or laptop; anywhere with an internet connection!

Do you have previous bookkeeping experience?
No? Great! This course was designed for beginners. Our only requirement is a can-do attitude and the drive to succeed!

Here’s what you’ll get!

Simple, easy to follow instruction broken into short manageable videos

Lifetime access to your course content, anywhere with internet

Learn the basics of bookkeeping

Learn how to implement QuickBooks Online

Learn how to set up your back office

Learn how to on-board clients

Learn how to complete the weekly & month end work

Learn the best methods of marketing your business

Learn how to shift your mindset from employee to CEO

Your Instructor

Tiffani Higgins
Tiffani Higgins

Hi, I’m Tiffani! I’m a successful CPA and a mother of 5 amazing children! I understand the struggle to balance an adequate income from home and spending time with your kids! Before I started my business, I worked for a CPA firm. I had just passed the CPA exam and my boss raised my annual salary to $45,000. I was working 32 hours outside of tax season, but 60 hours during tax season! Now I work 10 hours a week for nearly the same pay…no long days…no stress…and most importantly I get to spend valuable time with my sweet family. I would love to help you do the same!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am not happy with the course?
We are no longer giving refunds on our course products so please make an informed buying decision before you invest. You WILL succeed at this if you don't give up and we will help you if you need extra support! Extra help comes in the form of our amazing Bookkeeper Academy (Piece of Cake Support group) should you need it.

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